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How To Design A Second Floor Additions?

If you really want a bigger kitchen, is it smarter to add new space to the existing room? Or, would it be more efficient and cost effective to redesign the existing kitchen to maximize the space that you have? Removing walls and reconfiguring space can often gain the space you desire without adding on.

Second Floor Additions Before-After

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second floor additions before and after

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Why our Second Story Addition Design is Better Than others?

second floor addition design
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Second Story Addition Drawing for Permit

We will provide you preliminary second story addition design with as many revision as necessary. After the design is confirm then we will move onto permit drawings set for our engineers to proceed with their work such as mechanical & structure design.

We will consolidate all the second story addition drawing done by us and the engineers as one cohesive permit drawing set for building permit submission. We will also prepare all the forms that are necessary for building permit application on client behalf.

After submitted the building permit application, our team will continue to follow up with the city to ensure there is no miscommunication between us and the city. This process will continue until the permit is approved.

The Complete Process of second story addition Design & buiding Permit

Through the Building Permit Expert Process project that needs design & permit service is simplified into 4 phases.

Frequently Asked Questions about second story addition and Permit in Toronto

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